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Easily access the health properties of botanical infused oil, produced with a FEBO (Full Extract Botanical Oil) Kit. The FEBO Oil Maker Device with its kit, is designed by Dr. S.T. Armstrong. The purpose for this kit is to enable novice and experienced users, to produce high potency botanical concentrates easily, safe and fast, from edible herbs suitable for making herbal infused oil. This enables the user to use these self produces oils as nutrient supplements, adding wholesomeness to their life’s, or adding it to self-made products, bringing comfort for less serious health conditions. The kit also provides stevia flavorings, which can be added to the produced herbal oil before drawing it up into UNICLICK applicators. The UNICLICK applicators are reusable and enables the user to micro-dose with a pure extract, knowing exactly what it consists of and how much is used.


Dried botanical/herbs can now be converted to high quality oil in 3 to 4 hours while some processes take weeks. The FEBO Kit provides enough material for 3 batches. One batch may produce between 4 and 5 ml, high potency, quality oil. The kit provides 15 UNICLICK applicators in 3 three different colours, making it easy to identify the different batches of different produced herbal oils. These 1ml applicators, which has 55 measurements of 0.02ml, can be fitted into cardboard holders on which you can wright information, such as manufacturing date, strains, flavour and other documenting information needed. The kit also consists of a carrier oil blend, formulated to use effectively with any edible herbal extraction, as well as Ethanol.


An instruction manual is included inside each kit with a member password. This password enables the user to look at multiple demo videos here on the website. The FEBO device can also be used to melt glycerin soap. The produced herbal infused oil, may be added to home-made products such as salves, creams, soaps, shampoo, etc.


Extracts of edible botanical oils, may also be used for culinary purposes such as, adding it smoothies, food, sauces, gummies (see FEBO video for demo and Gummy Pack to be ordered on Product page.)


A lady in her senior years, once mentioned, instead of inviting her friends over for tea, she now incites them with clicks.


For those who wonder: YES of course you van FECO with your FEBO! Look inside the instruction manual where it mentions the decarboxylation phase of phase four.


Yes you ‘cann’, FECO wth a FEBO.


The Company

FEBO is manufactured in South Africa for the company MED et al Distributors (Pty) LTD, with the purpose of making herbal alternatives, available to consumer. Not only will the consumer be able to make herbal products at a fraction of the cost involved, but allowing for peace of mind that their ingredients are pure and effective, and made by you. FEBO enables safe and comfortable botanical oil extraction, at home.

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The Product

The FEBO Oil maker was designed and developed with safety and ease of use in mind. The FEBO Oil maker has made it easier to extract the herbal and medical attributes from your botanical plants, at home. Using a simple 5 Easy Steps Extraction method – you can now take control of your health and enjoy piece of mind to expensive herbal alternatives.


Behind the Brand

The idea behind the brand is to fulfill the need to provide friends and family with a solution to the problem of expensive medication and processes for less serious health conditions, as not needed to acquire prescriptions. We live in a cyber space of easily to access knowledge, making research of the correct use of herbs accessible to everyone. Helping oneself with less serious health conditions or sustaining good health has been made our mission.

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